About the creator of the Total Health Packs:

Brenda Eastwood, RNCP

Brenda Eastwood is a holistic health expert who specializes in Women’s Health Issues. Her expertise stems from over 30 years experience as a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner. This includes ongoing research, 17 years running a successful private practice, presenting hundreds of seminars and workshops, as well as coaching clients through her unique on-line Inner Circle program.

She firmly believes that in today’s world of stress, chemicals, and over processed, nutrient deficient foods, that people need to consume quality supplements if they want to be in optimal health.

Brenda has seen miracles with the proper use of vitamins, minerals and herbs. She has received thousands of testimonials from people who have followed her suggestions for supplementation and have noticed significant improvements in their health. This is because she is highly skilled at selecting quality supplements, understanding exactly what nutrients are necessary and finding the correct combination to create the best results.

Brenda knows that not everyone who takes supplements gets the type of results that her clients have enjoyed. She has listened to people who were “supplement skeptics”. What she heard over and over again was that choosing a well balanced, high quality vitamin regime is frustrating, overwhelming, expensive, and often useless. Even though they thought they were buying a good product, it was doing very little for them or – even worse – nothing at all.

Brenda saw the genuine need for a simple system of choosing the correct supplements with the reassurance that they would actually work.

In keeping with her goal of helping people feel better as quickly as possible with the greatest ease and least cost, Brenda used her years of vitamin expertise to create the Total Health Pack for Total Health.

The Total Health Packs are safe, easy, affordable and convenient. As individually sealed packets, they are perfect for daily use at home, in the office, at the gym, on the road, and for travel. The biggest advantage of course is that they truly work!

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