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Most everyone is aware of the benefits of exercise.  It can:

But did you know the down side of exercise?

An active person has a greater need for “high quality fuel” than a sedentary person does. Regular vigorous exercise obviously increases the bodies’ demands for most everything, particularly calories and nutrients. The body uses up everything and needs more.

If the nutrients are not balanced, nutritional deficiencies may result and lead to:

Extremely active people can even expect to have a shorter lifespan than a sedentary person if they do not supplement their diet with high density, high quality nutritional supplements.

B Vitamin Complex

All 11 B’s are significant for: avoiding senility, depression, memory loss and increasing focus and concentration as well as increasing your energy and metabolism.

Note: All 11 B vitamins are included in the Total Health Pack.

Vitamin C with Bioflavanoids

Needed for all forms of healing and can boost your endurance and energy.

Note: There is 900 mg of calcium ascorbate and 180 mg of bioflavanoids in each Total Health Pack.


When considering a vitamin regime most active people forget about the all important minerals.  Without minerals the body will no longer have the ability to transfer energy or oxygen.

Although minerals are easily flushed from the body through the consumption of high-sugar foods, caffeine, and alcohol, an even higher amount of minerals are lost through sweat and increased urine output from drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.

Note: Both micro and macro minerals are supplied in the Total Health Pack.

Some common signs of mineral deficiencies are:

Free Radicals and Antioxidants

Free radicals are molecules that are always one electron short in their outer orbit.  Free radicals attempt to regain their missing electron by stealing an electron from a healthy cell.  Not only does this attack weaken and damage that cell, it means that once this healthy cell loses its electron, it also becomes a free radical.  By way of a chain reaction, free radicals create more free radicals.

Some free radicals are a normal by-product of an efficient metabolism. Others come from our toxic environment but active people create additional free radicals through high intensity, short-period activity as well as endurance activities such as running.

In order for the body to defend itself from free radicals, it produces free-radical scavengers known as antioxidants.  These agents are made by the body to catch and destroy extra free radicals and keep them from creating greater damage.  Today our bodies are overwhelmed with free radicals and we cannot produce enough antioxidants to protect ourselves.

Because exercise produces more free radicals than sedentary living, active people can expect to have a greater risk of degenerative diseases if they do not supplement with high quality super potent antioxidants.

Some of the degenerative diseases associated with free radical damage:

Active people who supplement with a high quality, high potency antioxidant can expect the following benefits.

Green Tea Extract

It is a great choice for mega-antioxidant protection, plus more brain power and increased metabolism for higher energy and fat-burning abilities.

Note:  Each Total Health Pack contains 400 mg of Green Tea Extract.

MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane)  

MSM is a natural form of organic sulfur that gives flexibility, permeability and elasticity to your cells.  Some benefits of MSM are:

Sulfur is also important to athletes because it is needed in the creation and regeneration of the body’s tissues.  Sulfur must be present for collagen to be produced, making it a vital component in the formation of cartilage and connective tissues.

Everyone has heard of the all important glucosamine – which is an amino sugar that we form from glucose that helps make up many of the body’s tissues including membranes in the digestive and respiratory tracts as well as synovial fluid in the joints. But did you know that you need sulfur in your body in order to make the glucosamine that keeps your joints lubricated? That is yet another reason that MSM is included in the Total Health Pack.

The glucosamine that your body makes from sulfur, vitamin C and other nutrients is also needed in the body to promote the production of connective tissue, which is the fibrous material that binds our skeletal system. Tendons and cartilage are totally made of connective tissue. The benefits of Glucosamine are:

Note:  There is 1,000 mg of MSM in each Total Health Pack.

Take at least one Total Health Pack per day

The Total Health Pack provides all the above nutrients.  One a day will meet your basic nutritional needs of vitamins and minerals.  A Total Health Pack taken twice a day will provide therapeutic doses for those who are active and a Total Health Pack taken three times a day will provide optimal support for periods of high intensity performance or intensive training.

For a full list of the nutrients contained in each Total Health Pack please view the Ingredients Here

NOTE FROM BRENDA EASTWOOD: The above advice is intended to help provide you with the nutrients required for an active lifestyle.  If you are very active or athletic you may wish to consider supplementing with Glucosamine as well.  Here’s why.

If you are an active person, you are putting additional wear and tear on your joints and there may not be enough vitamin C and MSM in the Total Health Pack to completely protect them from joint injury or arthritis.  Additional glucosamine may be required.  The three nutrients (MSM, vitamin C and glucosamine) work exceedingly well together in the joints.

Glucosamine is available in the online store at


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