Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Total Health Pack

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Q: When is the best time to take the Total Health Pack?

A: ALWAYS remember to take your Total Health Pack with food – this is critical to start super-charging the trillions of cells in your body.  Most people find taking it with breakfast and/or lunch the most convenient.  Some people prefer to take it with dinner.

Q: I have been buying the Total Health Packs for a while and I take them when I remember but I don’t really feel any better.  Why would this be?

A:  It is scientifically proven that vitamins that sit on the shelf, don’t work!  Your body needs basic nutrients every single day, so if you don’t take your Total Health Pack every day, you aren’t getting those nutrients on a regular basis to give your body the steady supply that it needs to repair and function optimally.  Remember, these amazing nutrients only work if you take them consistently.  They’ve been designed to create cumulative benefits over time.  Take them with you, and take them every day.

Q: How long does a Total Health Pack last?

A: There are 60 individually sealed packs in each Total Health Pack so if you take one a day it will last two months and if you take it twice a day it will last one month.

Q:  How long will the Total Health Pack stay fresh?

A:  You will find the expiry date on the package label is usually a full year from the date of manufacture to encourage consumption versus storage however because we have such fast turnover of product they are actually good for another year beyond the expiry date if they are stored in a cool dark place.

Q: If the Total Health Pack is of such superior quality, then why is it so reasonably priced?

A: The answer to that is simple.  We do not incur exorbitant expenses because:

–       You buy the Total Health Pack directly from us

–       We are not a retail store

–       We are not a franchise

–       We are not a network marketing organization

In other words, we don’t have high overhead.  Therefore, we can pass the tremendous savings on to you and still be able to offer you the most comprehensive supplement pack program on the market … at less than half the price of comparable programs.

Q. What is so convenient about the Total Health Packs? 

A: If you have ever taken supplements in any optimal type of way before, you have likely experienced these problems:

–       You end up with at least a dozen bottles or more on your shelves

–       You need an extra suitcase for your vitamins when you travel

–       You have to remember which ones when, and how many of each

–       It takes 5-10 minutes to shake your capsules out of all the bottles

–       The bottles all inconveniently run out at different times

–       Then you’re always running to the store, battling traffic

–       When you go out for dinner or travel, you never have them with you so you end up not taking them at all (remember, if they stay on the shelf, they don’t work!)

The Total Health Pack was designed so that…

–       The packs are so easy to take with you anywhere

–       They eliminate the need for dozens of bottles – just one compact package

–       You simply open a pack, everything’s in there – super-easy, super-fast

–       Each pack is clinically designed to be therapeutic quality and dosage

–       Everything runs out at the same time, just in time to open a new package

–       You can order from our store at your convenience, 24/7

–       You do not have to budget for shipping, it is free in anywhere in Canada

–       Orders arrive to the door, where ever you are in Canada or the United States

–       You can relax knowing you are getting a well rounded nutritional supplement.  It has been custom-designed by a nutrition expert under the strictest guidelines.

Q: I have heard that some vitamins don’t digest, how do I know the Total Health Pack will digest?

A: All of the capsules in the Total Health Pack are tested for disintegration. Given that they are all capsules, they all dissolve very quickly.

Q: So even if they digest well, how “available” are the vitamins and minerals in the Total Health Pack?

A: The biovalability of the Total Health Pack is better than when you get other quality products and try to put your own program together. Our packs contain both water and fat soluble supplements, and since there is oil in the pack, there is a higher bioavailability for the fat soluble nutrients. For example if you were to take vitamin D or vitamin E with a meal that did not contain fat, then you would not fully absorb the fat soluble vitamins. But because our packs contain the fish oil, then you will automatically be able to absorb the fat soluble vitamins.

To address all the other biovailability issues such as mineral quality please refer to the consumer report that I have written. It is complimentary to you and is available on the side bar of this page. 

Q: I was told to look for “molecularly distilled” fish oil.  Does the Total Health Pack contain that?

A: Yes, our fish oil is molecularly distilled. All reputable companies must use molecular distillation. At one time no one did and so it was a big selling feature, but we don’t even mention it because it should be standard procedure.  We also test after distillation to ensure that there are no pesticides and no heavy metals.

Q: Does it matter what “form” the minerals are in?

A: We do not use the cheap calcium carbonate or magnesium oxide found in most multivitamins. Both are virtually impossible to absorb. We use the preferred calcium citrate and magnesium citrate.

Q: Will I experience any side effects when I start taking the Total Health Pack?

A: Very occasionally a person will experience a slight detoxification effect such as headaches or lethargy.  This should only last a few days at most while the body clears toxins and starts to utilize the nutrients in the Total Health Pack.

Q: I started taking the Total Health Pack and my urine is bright yellow, what’s going on?

A: The B vitamins in the Total Health Pack are water soluble which means that your body will use what it needs and excrete the rest. B2 (Riboflavin) is the B vitamin responsible for making your urine bright yellow.  This is normal and means your body is working properly.

Q: I am worried about getting a “niacin flush” when I take the Total Health Pack.

A:  The Total Health Pack contains Niacinamide and flush free Niacin (B3 – Inositol Hexanicotinate) so you should not experience a “niacin flush” (symptoms like itching, or tingling sensations in their bodies or on their skin) when taking the packs.

Q: I am sensitive to caffeine; will I get jittery from the Green Tea in the Total Health Pack?

A: There is approximately 14 to 24 mg of caffeine per cap of Green Tea (approximately the same amount found in a cup of decaffeinated coffee) in each Total Health Pack therefore you should not become jittery from taking it.  If you are sensitive to caffeine we recommend you take the Total Health Pack with your breakfast and/or lunch to avoid the possibility of the caffeine keeping you awake at night.

Q: What if I am on blood thinners?  Can I take the Total Health Pack?

A:  Please advise your physician that you are now taking high dosage supplements, especially the Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids from wild salmon oil.  These act as natural blood thinners (which is great news given the statistics on heart disease), but your doctor should be made aware of this if you are on medication as your dosages may need to be lowered.

Q: I am on prescription medications; can I take the Total Health Pack?

A: Any time you take the empowering steps towards better health and optimal nutrition when on prescription drugs by starting a new program, whether it is exercise or nutritional supplements, it is important to let your doctor know as you may need to have your medication dosages lowered.

Q:  Are the Total Health Packs gluten free?

A:  Yes, they are gluten free.

Q: I started taking the Total Health Pack recently, how long until I start to feel better?

A: Everyone experiences different results in different time frames, but we’re making a bet that you’re feeling better already.  You’re taking positive and powerful action, and that alone is huge.  It won’t be long before you notice higher energy levels, more supple and radiant skin, shinier hair, relief from minor aches & pains, decreased allergic reactions, less down time from colds and flu, and increased mental alertness and focus!

Q: What is the best way to monitor my results?

A: We have formulated a small checklist for you to use as a guide.  Please GO HERE to view and print this list.

 Q: I want to take the Total Health Pack for improving my skin but I haven’t noticed a really big difference yet, does this mean it’s not working?

A: Be aware that there is a difference between the results you would LIKE to experience first, and the results your body PRIORITIZES as being most important to create first.  Your body is very smart, and it will take care of business in the order that it knows is most important.

For example, you may be looking for more radiant-looking skin, but your body knows it is more important to INITIALLY use the nutrients to repair your damaged arteries before significantly repairing your skin. If you are nutritionally depleted, you may notice an instant boost in energy and moods as your cells start getting what they need.  But your skin and hair (which require a “full tank” of nutrition before improvements can take place) may not show significant improvements for a number of months, even though the changes began the day you started the packs.

There is one other possibility.  Even though the Total Health Packs are the most comprehensive supplement program on the market today, they can’t possibly overcome all health conditions.  For example, if you have a food sensitivity to dairy, which is causing you to break out in acne, then as long as you eat dairy products, you will have acne no matter how many Total Health Packs you consume.  This is where having a health coach is invaluable.  For more information on Brenda Eastwood’s on-line coaching program called the Inner Circle, please visit www.BrendaEastwood.com

Q: I am worried my teenagers aren’t getting enough nutrition.  Can they take the Total Health Packs too?

A:  Absolutely.  The Total Health Packs are designed for growing teens providing optimal nutrition even when they may not be eating the right foods every day.

Q: My husband is very athletic, is the Total Health Pack enough for him?

A: The Total Health Pack can be taken at higher doses (up to 3 times a day) for those people who are extremely active or athletic.  Active people have a much higher requirement for nutrients in both training and repair above and beyond even the most nutritious foods they are eating.  Please read more about Total Health Packs for Peak Performance under Benefits.

Q: I just found out I am pregnant.  Can I take the Total Health Pack?

A:  Absolutely.  The Total Health Packs contain nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy (and after).  Please read more about taking the Total Health Packs for Mothers To Be under Benefits.

Q:  I started taking the Total Health Pack and broke out in hives. 

A:  Are you allergic to fish?  This reaction could happen to you if you have an allergy related to fish oil. The large gel capsule is salmon oil and those with a fish (not shellfish!) allergy should be aware of this.  Otherwise, there are no other known common allergens in the Total Health Packs to cause an allergic reaction like this.

If you are hypersensitive to niacin, you could also experience what is called a niacin flush, which may feel likes hives, but is not.  This should not occur with our Total Health Packs because it contains flush free niacin, but if you have taken the pack without food, there is a slim possibility that you would get a niacin flush.

Q:  Do the ingredients in The Total Health Pack meet Canadian standards?

A:  Actually all the supplements in The Total Health Pack meet International standards, not just Canadian.  The International standards are higher so by adhering to all International manufacturing regulations we can sell our product internationally.

Q: Are the vitamins and minerals in The Total Health Pack certified?

A: Our Total Health Pack supplements are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. The GMP standards reflect best industry practices, and/or are necessary for the evaluation of compliance to the Natural Products Association GMP standard. GMP Certification is awarded to companies that meet a high level of compliance to the NPA GMP standard as verified through comprehensive third-party inspections of facilities. All of the ingredients are also considered pharmaceutical grade.

Q: Where can I learn more about health and supplements?

A: If you haven’t already requested your complimentary copy of my Consumer Report, please do that now by entering your information in the sidebar “Don’t Flush Your Money Down The Toilet”.

Although the questions you have asked are good to know, there is a lot more that goes into producing a well rounded vitamin program that can actually produce results. There are questions that you haven’t asked, that I have answered in my consumer report “Don’t Flush Your Money Down The Toilet”. It is complimentary as I wish to help educate people on how to choose their supplements.  I think that you will find it to be highly informative. 

The information made available in this article is provided for educational or reference purposes only. Nutritional Therapy and/or Coaching is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment, prescription, or cure for any disease, mental or physical, and is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

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